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K-State Information Technology Usage Policy

As Beocat is a K-State resource, the following usage policy also applies:

Please pay close attention to .050-2, and .050-4, as these are egregious violations.


Beocat reserves the right to a 24 hour maintenance period every other week. However, this maintenance is not always necessary. Maintenance intentions and reservations will always be announced on the mailing list 2 weeks before an actual maintenance period is in effect.

Head node computational tasks

The head node serves as a shell server and development environment for Beocat users. We wish to keep this machine running responsively to make work easier. We do not have a problem with running simple post-processing work on the head node directly. But, if your process seems too computation or memory intensive, it may have its priority severely reduced or may be killed completely. If in doubt, ask.

Due to abuses of the head node, there are now strict limits in place. If a process uses more than 4GB of RSS memory or 6GB of virtual memory, it will get killed automatically. RSS Memory is limited to 12GB across all users. CPU Usage is allocated with a fair-share algorithm, all users have equivalent access to CPU time.


For those of you using our hosted virtual machines, no backups of said machines or data are made.

At this point in time, due to the size of our main storage, we are unable to provide backups of any data.

Account deactivation

If your account has not been used for 2 years, we will mark the account for archival, and remove your ability to login. If you should need the account again, please fill out our account request form.