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Parameter Sweep Documentation

Setting up Beocat to run a parameter sweep

  1. First, you need to copy the project with all of its files into Beocat.
  2. This can be done several ways, but make sure that you have them in the same folder, which needs to be named proj.
  3. If you want to name it differently, you need to update to have the path to the new folder on line 15, where it has the command python ~/proj/
  4. The project folders should be structured correctly if you kept them as given, but make sure that the project is structured as follows:
  5. proj folder containing: all python and .sh files, a references folder containing ASTMA1096.txt, wireproperties.txt, and a geo_points folder containing all geometric point files
  6. Make all .sh files in your proj folder executable, using the command chmod +x *.sh in your proj folder. This should make .sh files appear in green now, as shown below (note that not all files are shown)
  7. Cropped executable sh file.png
  8. Set up Beocat to run the Python files.
  9. You can run the file to do this automatically. Run it by going to the folder that the file is in and entering the command ./
  10. If doesn’t work, what you need to do is create a ‘virtual environment’ for running python. You can look at [help page] to see a different guide for doing so, but you can also look at the commands in to see an example of setting up the virtual environment.