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OpenOnDemand is a platform for running computational tasks on a cluster from a web browser. If those tasks are interactive, it provides the ability to interact with them once the task has started its execution. OpenOnDemand has an "App" based plugin system for adding new types of computational tasks and interactivity.

One of the greatest benefits of this system is remote access to large machines for computational tasks, without the need for utilizing a commnand-line interface that is difficult to learn.

Our installation is available at

File Management

File management can be accessed through the Files dropdown in the dashboard.

Files Dropdown

Once you click on Home Directory, you can manage your files, upload/download/rename/edit and view.

The OpenOnDemand File management application

Job Management


RStudio is one of the interactive applications that we've enabled for use within OpenOnDemand

You launch interactive apps through the "Interactive Apps" dropdown.

Interactive apps dropdown in the dashboard

Once you click on RStudio, you'll be brought to a page allowing you to specify requirements for your RStudio run, e.g. memory, cores, and runtime.

Screenshot showing the options for submitting an RStudio job in OpenOnDemand

Once the job is submitted, the scheduler will take it and run it when space is available. Once the job is running, "My Interactive sessions" page will look like this:

Screenshot showing the ability to connect to an RStudio job in OpenOnDemand

From there, you can connect to RStudio and it will bring you to a familiar interface.

Screenshot showing RStudio through OpenOnDemand


Shell Access