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We are finally ready to perform the fileserver migration. This is scheduled for August 10th, 2015. Starting at 12:01 AM on the 10th, access to Beocat will be disabled. We will initiate a final sync of all of the home directory data. We will take all of the 7th as a maintenance period. Beginning the 8th, we will start allowing users (whose home directory sync has finished) back into the cluster. If you make large amounts of changes to files between now and then, or if you have a significantly large amount of files and/or data, this final sync of your home directory could take several days. We expect the majority of users (~90%) to be done within 24 hours.

A few quick notes:

  • I will probably be performing node updates during this period.
  • If you have multiple jobs (or tasks if using array jobs) that write to the same file, please stop. This will be heavily penalized under the new filesystem, due to proper (implicit) file locking support.