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"LISTSERV" is a commercial email list management software that has been in use at K-State for many years. Beocat has it's own mailing list on K-State's LISTSERV called CIS-BEOCAT. Whenever your account is approved, you will be added to this mailing list.

You may unsubscribe yourself from CIS-BEOCAT and we won't re-subscribe you. We take this to mean that you no longer wish to have a Beocat account. Your account will be deactivated and marked for archival.

This is where we announce any upcoming maintenance periods, changes to software, etc. If you contact support about an issue that has been announced on CIS-BEOCAT, it will be treated as a low-priority support request, and answers you get will likely be terse with a copy-and-paste from the relevant LISTSERV message.