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Transferring Data using Globus

Globus is a high-speed data transfer service. It is primarily used to transfer data between research institutions, but can also be used to transfer data between Beocat and a laptop or desktop. We suggest using Globus over other file transfer options if you are transferring large data sets. Globus also allows you to share data with those who do not have Beocat accounts.

Beocat has two Globus servers - one on the main campus network, and one directly connected to KanREN (essentially for our purposes, the university's Internet Service Provider). To understand which one you should be using an overview of how Beocat connects to the Internet is useful:

Campus Network Overview - Click for a larger view

As you can see, if you are ON campus, it's faster to use the "DTN" endpoint, but if you are OFF campus, it is faster to use the "FIONA" endpoint. That being said, due to software differences, those two endpoints behave differently, and either CAN be used either on- or off-campus.

Video Demonstration

Rather than give dozens of screenshots, here is a video demonstrating how to use Globus to transfer files to and from Beocat {{#evt: service=youtube |id= }}