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Screen Readers

For those of you who need screen readers, we have tested Beocat with the free screen reader application NVDA. These tests were run by people who do not need screen readers, so please let us know if your experience is different.

For SSH access, Putty was the only Windows terminal emulator that allowed the screen reader access to the data on screen.

We also tested MobaXterm, OpenOnDemand's 'Clusters' Shell Access, and Bitvise SSH Client.

SSH panel was inaccessible to NVDA
Bitvise SSH Client 
SSH panel was inaccessible to NVDA
OpenOnDemand's 'Clusters' Shell Access 
Completely non-functional if NVDA was running

For file transferring capabilities, we recommend either OpenOnDemand's 'Files' menu, or FileZilla. We felt the 'Files' menu within OpenOnDemand was a bit better at explaining where you were within the file tree, but FileZilla was serviceable.

Others have done some testing of screen readers with CS/CIS/HPC applications, here is another resource that has performed some testing.